The King is Dead – Long live the King

Coal Mining as we know it in the United Kingdom is now officially history.

pit-headWithin 30 – 50 years from now all the miners that ever worked in this great British industry will be no more.

Coal mining leaves behind it a legacy and heritage stemming back centuries in time. It was in the 19th century that the industrial revolution would see coal mining as a great contributor to the modernised world. Generation of heat and power came mostly from coal.

As with all major historical times we are left with a legacy and its heritage thereto.


pithead-top landscape

pithead landscape

While coal mining is still a major industry in the global market, it is now extinct in the United Kingdom.

Having started out my early career in down the mine I now look back with a sense of nostalgia and often try to remember those days with imaginary thoughts from memory.

Get the picture

Pit Shaft

3D rendered Pit Shaft

You can find many photos and some good works of art relating to coal mining, but more often than not getting a real visual sense of the working environment was challenging. The main fact that photography was rare in a coal mine, partly due to poor lighting and partly due to safety restrictions on equipment being used. Mines had gas, gas explodes. Artist works are somewhat limited in supply. So many of the pictures you see, albeit interesting do not always portray the story about the miner himself.

Tell the Story

Having recently returned to college to study for my degree in Illustration & Concept Art I decided to try and combine interest

Haulage Lad

Haulage Lad

with curriculum. Thus working to develop artistic illustrations of mining related topics. A picture paints a thousand words, and it is the role of the illustrator and concept artist to convey that message visually. It is my intention to do just that. Tell the story and paint the picture.

“His job, his day, his dark world”